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About Me
About Me

For the past five years I’ve worked for the federal government, creating communications products that try and bridge the gap between the wonky technical world of policy and the real citizens the policy affects. Before this, I worked for arts and media organizations, where I got to learn about cooking, opera, and textiles. 

The common thread has always been smart content — figuring out the best ways to explain complex ideas and then get that information to the people who need it.

How I Work

I’m fascinated by the relationships between content, platform, and the user, and in my work I seek to balance the ecosystem of all three — creating content that serves user needs and their expectations of the delivery system.

Doing that well means constantly testing assumptions about each part of the system. Discuss, question, try, test, then do it all again.

I am happiest when I am working on things that matter with a group of smart, motivated people. I love working with agile teams of many disciplines — combining our expertise and perspective to get the best product.

When working with clients, I try to be equal parts therapist and coach. So much of developing digital products is figuring out what the users really need and what the organization can honestly provide. Then it becomes a matter of coaching them into a new mindset that embraces the product and the process, and learning the skills that will keep the product vital as time goes on.

And there’s a little list-making addict thrown in. Sometimes, you just have to get things done.

How I Got Here

My music brought me to journalism, which taught me how to talk to people, how to understand new topics, and how to write for many different audiences.

That took me to graphic and web design, where the writing and the delivery started to come together.

That took me to UX and content design, where I started to really understand all of the different ways we interact with digital products, and how a tiny change can make a huge impact.

Now I take all of those things, put them in a blender, and puree until I get a nice smooth mixture of me —  detail-oriented, collaborative, user-focused, and content first.

Playing with my bluegrass band By & By (shameless plug)

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