About Me


Me playing with my bluegrass band By & By (shameless plug)

Hi, I’m Claire. How are you?  Doing well?  Awesome.

About me?  Well, I’m a writer, editor, and designer. I currently work for the federal government, creating communications products that help bridge the gap between the wonky technical world of policy and the real citizens the policy affects.

In my career I’ve worked with  cultural institutions big and small, including NPR, Washington National Opera, and The Textile Museum. I’ve had work published in The Washington Post, NPR, and BBC Music Magazine, and been on air with All Things Considered. I’ve done copy editing, graphic design, information architecture, web design, data design, social media, and communications strategy.

The common thread has always been good content — figuring out the best ways to explain complex ideas and then get that information to the people who need it.

Want to know more? Download my resume,  take a look at my portfolio, or contact me.